Please I Want A Game

Are your looking for a good Android game and want to find it quickly? Tired of ads and overpriced in-app purchases? Bored of always seeing the same games in the storefront?

Our Story

We (Thibaud Durousset and Aurélien Nicoleau) met in 2015. We exchanged our disappointement regarding the video games market, where success relies heavily on marketing budgets and not enough on intrinsic games qualities. The majority of independent developers, especially the ones who create games for a niche audience, are struggling against the biggest ones; most of the time their only chance is to be featured either on big press websites or by famous YouTubers.

Thibaud is a gamer, engineer & business manager, Aurélien is a game designer. Together we decided to dedicate ourselves full-time and invest our own money to give a chance to each video game to meet its target audience, in order to help every independent developer around the world. The plan was to root out the evil: solve the discoverability issue.

Aurélien worked to understand what people want when they are searching video games and over the years he has managed to build a precise psychographic segmentation of the players, based on motivations that lead players to play games (inspired by the work of Wizards of the Coast to understand Magic: The Gathering players). We released a test (under maintenance) and gathered precious insights that the press has talked about (such as Polygon or ).

We chose Piwag as a name, which means "Please I Want A Game". A short one, easy to pronounce in most languages, and with a signification that makes it simpler to remember for everyone.

After many tries on creating a search and recommendation engine based on Aurélien's model, we discontinued it in 2019 due to the emergence of too strong contestants (Amazon, SteamLabs, GOG Galaxy, open-source Playnite) and lack of money to compete with them. So we focused on the Google Play Store on Android, as this is the place with both the greatest number of games and problems, but no one to fix them.
We met Pierre-Élie Arnaud, a development engineer, who decided to join the team and work with us on an Android app to solve the problems one by one, step by step.

In 2020, the first version of Piwag app is released and fully functional to solve the most obvious flaws of the Play Store; and if people support our work (using our app, rating us well), it would give us the opportunity and motivation to implement a lot of ideas we have to improve Piwag and go further!

The Solution

Piwag allows you to do things that the Play Store does not offer. You can filter games according to:

In-app purchases & their maximum cost

Piwag is ads free, without private data collection, without in-app purchases and does not confine you in obscure algorithms.


2015-2017: Creation of a psychographic segmentation for players
2017: Development of a new search and recommendation engine for video games, taking motivations into account. (Discontinued in 2019)
2018: Development of a psychographic test (under maintenance) to determine gaming profile.
2019: Development of an app for Android to solve the problems of the Google Play Store engine.
2020: The app is released on the Google Play Store.

The Team

Thibaud Durousset is an engineer & business manager. He manages the team.
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Aurélien Nicoleau is a game designer. He's in charge of Piwag's concept and features.
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Pierre-Élie Arnaud is a development engineer. He develops the app.
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